The Weekend Agenda: 1/13/17 – 1/15/17

Weekend Agenda Alejandro

What do you know? “The Weekend Agenda” has returned to “Live and Groove”! After the New Year’s holiday weekend and then a weekend where everyone in Birmingham got cabin fever due to a winter storm, this particular weekend looks to… Continue Reading

SmackDown Live hits Birmingham, Alabama: Wrestle Me This!

SmackDown Live Birmingham

SmackDown Live returned to the Birmingham-Jefferson Civic Center in Birmingham, Alabama on September 20th, and, up until Friday, I wasn’t planning on attending. After a quick examination of StubHub, though, I saw where a very desirable ticket could be obtained… Continue Reading

“The Last Battle of Atlanta” surfaces: Wrestle Me This!

The Last Battle of Atlanta

When I started “Live and Groove”, I said I would refrain from including a wrestling section on the site and, save a lengthy post giving me woefully inaccurate Wrestlemania predictions, I held steady to that statement. I then realized, well,… Continue Reading

The Weekend Agenda: 4/1/16 – 4/3/16

Wrestlemania WWE Weekend

What a difference a week makes. Last weekend, I didn’t have anything on the agenda, other than actual work assignments. This weekend, though, there are lots of events that I’m looking forward to, and, well, they mostly all revolve around… Continue Reading