Egan’s Championship Trivia: Questions for February 7th, 2018

It’s Thursday, and, after a week off, that means it’s time to share the questions that were asked at this week’s edition of Egan’s Championship Trivia at Egan’s Bar in Tuscaloosa! Remember to come out on Wednesday nights at 8:00 P.M. if you wish to be a part of the competition in person!

Egan's Bar

(Egan’s Bar hosts trivia every Wednesday night in Tuscaloosa, Alabama)

1. Current Events: During the Super Bowl, Netflix announced that a film tied closely to what 2008 found footage monster movie would be released directly after the game?
2. Television: What ABC series featuring Ben Savage navigating the trials and tribulations of growing up debuted in September of 1993?
3. Games: Seeing the first slice of a pizza removed from the pie helped to inspire the creation of what video game icon of the ’80s?
4. Geography: Khartoum, the capital and largest city of Sudan, is the confluence of the two main and colorful tributaries of what river?
5. Movies: In what movie would you find the characters Phil Connors, Rita Hanson, and Ned Ryerson?
6. Mythology: Known as the Messenger of the gods, who was the Greek god of travel, commerce, thieves, and diplomacy, among other things?
7. Music: Simon Gallup, Roger O’Donnell, Jason Cooper, Reeves Gabrles, and Robert Smith comprise the current lineup of what band?
8. Sports: Before this year’s Winter Olympics, the last time the Olympics were held in South Korea were in 1988 when it was hosted by what city?
9. Alcohol: Sol, Indio, and Bohemia are all brands of beer that are brewed in what country, which is definitely not the Czech Republic?

HALFTIME: Name the 5 countries still in existence that have won a gold medal in men’s ice hockey at the Winter Olympics

11. Business: The world’s largest publishing company was formed under an agreement between the conglomerates Bertelsmann and Pearson PLC, which owned Random House and what animalistic sounding group? Bonus for the year of the merger.
12. Television: What show, a spin-off of a highly successful NBC show that ended in May of 1993, debuted in September of 1993? Bonus for the city where it was set.
13. Food: What brand name of pasta sauce from the Campbell Soup Company has a name that means “Don’t Mention It!” or “You’re Welcome” in Italian? Bonus for when it was first introduced internationally?
14. History: On February 7th, 1952, The United States banned all imports and exports from what country? Bonus for its capital.
15. Movies: What song is heard every day Phil Connors wakes up in the movie “Grouundhog Day”? What state is home to the town of Punxsutawney?
16. Comics: The name of what comic book character (who first appeared in Marvel Preview #7 in 1976 and had his own four-issue limited series in 1985, though he wouldn’t be well known among the general public before the 21st century) was based on, though not quite identical to, the title of a Beatles song?
DOUBLE DOWN: The production of “Groundhog Day” was marked by erratic behavior from Bill Murray, including a very messy falling out with what director of the film, who had been a collaborator with Murray on other hit comedies? What year was Groundhog Day released?
18. Lost Lyrics: What top hit song from 1993 features the lines “As long as the planets are turning |
As long as the stars are burning | As long dreams are coming true”  before one more line that leads right into the chorus and title of the song? Bonus for who recorded it.”
19. Sports: Name 1 of the 2 now defunct countries that won the most medals at the 1988 Summer Olympics. Bonus for the other.
20. Drugs: What bass player for Motley Crue claims he probably overdosed on heroin a half a dozen times, famously “died” at least one of those times, and named his autobiography “The Heroin Diaries”?

FINAL: Put these in order from least to most

Number of total medals won by the United States at the 2014 Winter Olympics:
The number of letters in the Danish alphabet:
The age at which Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse died:
The number of pieces of silver Judas Iscariot was paid to betray Jesus as per Matthew 26:15:


Boy Meets World
Groundhog Day
The Cure
Canada, United States, Sweden, Czech Republic, Great Britain
Penguin Group/2013
I Got Your Babe/Pennsylvania
Rocket Racoon
Harold Ramis/1993
I Would Do Anything for Love/Meat Loaf
Soviet Union/East Germany
Nikki Sixx

The age at which Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse died: 27
Number of total medals won by the United States at the 2014 Winter Olympics: 28
The number of letters in the Danish alphabet: 29
The number of pieces of silver Judas Iscariot was paid to betray Jesus as per Matthew 26:15: 30

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