Egan’s Championship Trivia: Questions for January 10th, 2017

It’s Thursday, and, after a week off, that means it’s time to share the questions that were asked at this week’s edition of Egan’s Championship Trivia at Egan’s Bar in Tuscaloosa! Remember to come out on Wednesday nights at 8:00 P.M. if you wish to be a part of the competition in person!

Egan's Bar

(Egan’s Bar hosts trivia every Wednesday night in Tuscaloosa, Alabama)

1. Current Events: What hip-hop star performed at halftime of the Alabama vs. Georgia National Championship game?
2. Sports: The 1998 Home Run Race in Major League Baseball saw what player for the St. Louis Cardinals ultimately break the record set by Roger Maris by hitting 70 home runs?
3. Music: “Jagged Little Pill”, which sold over 33 million units worldwide, was released in 1995 and was the international debut for what singer?
4. Geography: Nassau is the capital and largest city of what Caribbean country?
5. Television: Lorraine Brocco’s Dr. Melfi was a rather important character on what cable TV show?
6. Mythology: Vulcan, the god of fire and the forge, is the Roman equivalent of what Greek god?
7. Animals: Cervus canadensis the scientific name of the wapiti, which is more commonly known as what large species in the deer family but not as large as a moose?
8. Movies: In “The Godfather”, what is the name of the younger brother to Sonny but older brother to Michael and Connie?
9. Alcohol: What southern based brewery, founded in 1997, is named after a tributary of the Chattahoochee River along with a state park, which is just a few miles west of the brewery?

HALFTIME: By municipal population, which is within the city limits, name the 5 largest state capital cities that start with a vowel

11. Science: Disregarding its other name, the K-PG extinction event, where the PG stands for Paleogene, what does either the K or the T stand for in the K-T extinction event that wiped out nearly 3 quarters of life on earth?
12. Sports: What player came in second in the 1998 Home Run Race? How many home runs did he hit?
13. Business: What business tycoon incorporated Standard Oil? Bonus for the year it happened.
14. History: Even though the name had been used to signify the end of several other wars, what was the name of the treaty that officially brought an end to World War I? Bonus for the year.
15. Television: In the last episode of “The Sopranos”, what song plays on the jukebox as the family gathers for a meal at a diner? Bonus for the artist
16. Food: Traditionally, poutine consists of three ingredients: French fries, gravy, and what other specific ingredient?
DOUBLE DOWN: In “The Godfather”, what actress portrayed Kay Adams, later Kay Corleone? Vito Corleone’s underworld dealings were hidden via a front company based on importing what?
18. Literature: Claudius, due to various nefarious dealings with his family, would be classified as the primary villain in what work by Shakespeare?
19. Movies: In “The Godfather”, Vito Corleone is shot while he is purchasing what? Bonus for the year the movie was released
20. Drugs: The opium production region of southeast Asia consisting of Myanmar, Laos, and Thailand is often referred to by what name?

FINAL: Put these in order from least to most

Number of Primetime Emmy wins for The Sopranos:
The number of maximum players playing at any time in a soccer match:
The number of the interstate than has ends points of Scroggins Draw, Texas in the west and near Florence, South Carolina in the east:
The atomic number of potassium:


Kendrick Lamar
Mark McGwire
Alanis Morissette
The Sopranos
Fredo Corleone
Indianapolis (829,718), Austin (790,000), Oklahoma City (580,000), Atlanta (420,000), Albany (97,856)
Sammy Sosa/66
John D. Rockefeller/1870
Treaty of Versailles/1919
“Don’t Stop Believing”/Journey
Cheese curds
Diane Keaton/Olive Oil
Golden Triangle

The atomic number of potassium: 19
The number of the interstate than has ends points of Scroggins Draw, Texas in the west and near Florence, South Carolina in the east: 20
Number of Primetime Emmy wins for The Sopranos: 21
The number of maximum players playing at any time in a soccer match: 22

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