Egan’s Championship Trivia: Questions for December 20th, 2017

It’s Thursday, and, after a week off, that means it’s time to share the questions that were asked at this week’s edition of Egan’s Championship Trivia at Egan’s Bar in Tuscaloosa! Remember to come out on Wednesday nights at 8:00 P.M. if you wish to be a part of the competition in person!

Egan's Bar

(Egan’s Bar hosts trivia every Wednesday night in Tuscaloosa, Alabama)

1. Current Events: 21st Century Fox Entertainment recently announced its intention to sell its assets to what company?
2. Television: Pianist Vince Guaraldi provided the jazz score for what classic animated holiday special revolving around the true meaning of Christmas?
3. Geography: What town, quite central to the Christmas celebrations, is located in the central West Bank of Palestine?
4. Music: In the song “Rudolph, the Red Nosed Reindeer”, who is the first reindeer mentioned in the lyrics?
5. Sports: The first NBA game played on Christmas Day took place in 1947 when the Providence Steamrollers lost to what team at Madison Square Garden?
6. Religion: Biblically speaking, Melchior, Caspar, and Balthazar are better known by what collective name?
7. Food: The earliest recipe for what desert, popular at Christmas time, comes from ancient Rome and lists pomegranate seeds, pine nuts, and raisins that were mixed into barley mash?
8. Movies: In “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”, Clark and his family live in a suburb of what major city?
9. Alcohol: The Eggnog Riot at the United States Military Academy in 1826 took place when cadets, after learning their holiday eggnog would be alcohol free, smuggled in gallons of what type of spirit?

HALFTIME: Name the 5 NBA franchises that will be hosting games on Christmas Day.

11. Business: What company, quite busy at this time of year, can trace its history back to James Casey founding the American Messenger Company? Bonus for the year. Bonus for its current headquarters metro area.
12. Television: In a “Charlie Brown Christmas”, which Gospel does Linus read from when reciting the annunciation to the shepherds towards the end of the program? What Christmas Carol does the entire cast of characters hum and sing around Charlie Brown’s tree at the end of the program?
13. Animals: Rangier Tarandus is the scientific name for reindeer, but the species is also known by what other name?
14. History: On December 25th, 1991, who resigned as President of the Soviet Union, a day before the union itself dissolved?
15. Sports: Other than the New York Knicks, who has the most losses, 29, and most wins, 22, in NBA history on Christmas Day, what’s the team, who has yet to be mentioned in this game, with the next most losses on Christmas Day? Their last game on Christmas came in 2005 against San Antonio. Bonus for how many losses they have.
16. Lost Lyrics: In “Christmas in Hollis” by Run DMC, what are the first two dishes that “mom is cooking”? Bonus for either dish that comes after those two in the song.
DOUBLE DOWN: “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” features actress Mae Kwestel portraying Aunt Bethany. She might be better known as providing the voice of what female animated character from 1931 to 1939 and then again in 1988 when the character made a cameo appearance in “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”? What other classic female character did she voice beginning in 1933 until a hiatus in 1938 and then returning in 1944?
18. Advertising: Using a key 1822 poem as inspiration, Haddon Sunblom in the 1930’s created the holiday advertising for what company? Bonus for the name of that poem.
19. Movies: In “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”, what actress had one of her very early film roles by playing Audrey Griswold? Bonus for the year the movie was released.
20. Drugs: What’s the most common name of Fluoxetine, which is sometimes known as Sarafem, among others, an incredibly common and widely used antidepressant?

FINAL: Put these in order from least to most

The lifetime domestic gross for National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation:
The lifetime domestic gross for Gremlins:
The lifetime domestic gross for Bad Santa:
The lifetime domestic gross for The Santa Clause:


A Charlie Brown Christmas
New York Knicks
The Three Wise Men/Magi
New York Knicks, Boston Celtics, Los Angeles Lakers, Golden State Warriors, Oklahoma City Thunder
UPS/1907/Atlanta-Sandy Springs
Luke/Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
Mikhal Gorbachev
Detroit Pistons/22
Chicken and Collard Greens/Rice and Stuffing/Macaroni and Cheese
Betty Boop/Olive Oyl
Coca Cola/Twas the Night before Christmas
Juliette Lewis/1989

The lifetime domestic gross for Bad Santa: 60 million
The lifetime domestic gross for National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation: 71 million
The lifetime domestic gross for The Santa Clause: 144 million
The lifetime domestic gross for Gremlins: 153 million

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