Egan’s Championship Trivia: Questions for November 15th, 2017

It’s Thursday, and, after a week off, that means it’s time to share the questions that were asked at this week’s edition of Egan’s Championship Trivia at Egan’s Bar in Tuscaloosa! Remember to come out on Wednesday nights at 8:00 P.M. if you wish to be a part of the competition in person!

Egan's Bar

(Egan’s Bar hosts trivia every Wednesday night in Tuscaloosa, Alabama)

1. Current Events: Italy was recently defeated in a two game stretch by Sweden and thus eliminated from what major international sporting competition for 2018?
2. Movies: What is the name of the John Travolta led 2000 science-fiction box office bomb that had quite the connection to the Church of Scientology?
3. Games: What version of poker, which means double hand poker, is an Americanized version of a Chinese gambling game played with a set of 32 Chinese dominoes?
4. Geography: What is the only state capital city in the United States with exactly three words in its name?
5. Television: “Encounter at Farpoint” was the pilot episode for what science fiction series that began in 1987?
6. Music: Murmur and Reckoning were the first two studio albums from what southern based US band?
7. Animals: Meleagris gallopavo is the domestic or wild version of what fowl, popular at this time of year, that is native to the forests of North America?
8. Sports: The Toronto Raptors might be the only NBA team in Canada, but there are actually two current NBA teams representing cities located at more northerly latitudes than Toronto. Name 1. Bonus for the other
9. Alcohol: A Manhattan is made traditionally with rye whiskey but what type of whiskey is the similar Rob Roy made with?

HALFTIME: Name the 5 US State Capitals with the smallest municipal populations

11. Space!: What planet is named after the Roman god of agriculture? What is its largest moon?
12. Movies: One of the most notorious box office bombs in history, what film starring Warren Beatty and Dustin Hoffman was parodied in a strip by “The Far Side” in which a video store in Hell only had copies of this particular film? Bonus for the year it was released.
13. Business: What major company can trace its origins back to a pharmacist and industrialist in New Bern, North Carolina? Bonus for the year.
14. Food: What brand name condiment was developed by Kraft as a less expensive alternative to mayonnaise and shares its name with the machine used to create it? Bonus for the year it was introduced.
15. Television: “All Good Things” was the last episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation and featured a plot that heavily involved what recurring character played by John de Lancie? Bonus for the year it took place.
16. History: On November 14th, 1979, President Jimmy Carter ordered the freezing of what nation’s assets in response to an ongoing crisis involving the two countries?
DOUBLE DOWN: Most Summer Olympics have been held at very low altitudes. The most dramatic exception came when the Games ventured to a city with an altitude of more than 7,000 feet, which resulted in since-eclipsed but previously long-standing world records being set in the long jump, triple jump, and every sprint event. In what city did this transpire? What year did it happen?
18. Literature: Raskolnikov is the protagonist of what classic work in Russian literature? Bonus for the author.
19. Sports: Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and California all contain more than one NFL stadium. What is the other state that contains more than one NFL stadium? Bonus for the teams.
20. Drugs: The zoster vaccine is used to reduce the incidence of herpes zoster, otherwise known as what chickenpox like illness?

FINAL: Put these in order from least to most

The number of seasons Star Trek: The Next Generation ran:
The number of Geese-a-lalying in the 12 Days of Christmas:
In baseball scorekeeping, the number designated to the center fielder:
The number of the month on the Islamic calendar where you’d find Ramadan:


World Cup
Battlefield Earth
Pai Gow
Salt Lake City
Star Trek: The Next Generation
Minnesota Timberwolves and Portland Trailblazers
Scotch whisky
Montpelier, Pierre, Augusta, Frankfort, Helena
Miracle Whip/1933
Mexico City/1968
Crime and Punishment/Dostoyevsky
Maryland – Washington and Baltimore

The number of Geese-a-lalying in the 12 Days of Christmas: 6
The number of seasons Star Trek: The Next Generation ran: 7
In baseball scorekeeping, the number designated to the center fielder: 8
The number of the month on the Islamic calender where you’d find Ramadan: 9

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