Saturn’s Super Chili Bowl Cook-off takes place February 5th!

Fans of chili and fans of football need to make their plans now to be a part of “Saturn’s Super Chili Bowl Cook-off” at Saturn Birmingham on Sunday, February 5th! It will be a great day where lots of chili entries will be available to taste and sample before a particularly really big football game takes place.

Saturn Birmingham Chili Cook-off

(Saturn Birmingham hosts it’s “Super Chili Bowl Cook-off” on Sunday, February 5th.)

Contestants wishing to enter the competition will be able to submit their entries between 3:30 P.M. and 4:15 P.M. on Sunday, February 5th. Participants do not have to prepare entries on site, but they do need to bring it in a croc-pot to keep things warm, a serving ladle, with them and any special accompaniments their chili might need for the judging process. Judging will begin shortly after 4:15 P.M. and will be based on taste, presentation, and “X Factor”.

The public tasting will then take place and all guests will be able to sample as much chili as they wish to eat. Sour cream, crackers, and cheese will be provided for the guests to use and enjoy. Kickoff will take place just after 5:30, and the announcement of winners will happen shortly before that. Winners will receive cash prizes.

Like last year, this competition and event is all for fun so, hopefully, a lot of people give it a shot and try to win! The more people enter, the more there will be to sample and more money to be given out to the winners.

It’s only $5 to sample the chili entries and $5 to enter in  the competition. A max of 4 people can be on each team and represent each entry. Tickets are available at “Saturn Super Chili Bowl Cook-off Tickets“. If you are planning on entering the competition, please fill out the form at If you have any questions, please email

Don’t forget to mark your calendars and be at Saturn Birmingham on Sunday, February 5th!

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