“Bloodsport” on HDTGM: Live and Groove’s Podcast Reviews

Sometimes “How Did This Get Made” episodes are just run of the mill, especially if you haven’t seen the movie before. Other times, though, they are extra special because you grew up watching that particular movie MULTIPLE times on TBS before wrestling came on the station.

Well, today was the day for the latter as the gang discussed the Jean-Claude Van Damme classic “Bloodsport“.

Bloodsport How Did This Get Made

(“Bloodsport” is an absolute classic, and I’ll fight you in the Kumite if you disagree.)

As mentioned, “Bloodsport” was a movie that seemed to be on TBS nearly every other day and always before some time of professional wrestling programming, whether it was WCW Saturday Night or a Clash of Champions.

Since I watched wrestling religiously, I also have a photographic memory of what the broadcasting landscape was like on TBS from 1990 onward. Since I was also in elementary school and wanting to watch wrestling anyways, a movie about full contact fighting definitely appealed to me.

I have zero apologies about that so don’t even think for a second I do.

Even though June wasn’t on the episode due to a family situation, the gang was still in rare form discussing this piece of cinematic wonder. Special guest Nicole Byer more than held her own with Paul and Jason in breaking down all the absurdities on display, the biggest being the completely bonkers story Frank Dux probably made up in regards to his “real life” experiences in the Kumite.

Seriously, if you’ve watched “Bloodsport” before and didn’t realize Frank Dux basically made up EVERYTHING about his life, I invite you to google that very subject. It is bananas.

Once they get past the “facts” of Dux’ life, the episode covers such wonders as the child actor that plays young Frank Dux/Jean-Claude Van Damme, the amazing Ray Jackson character and how he was really bad at assessing his opponent’s condition, the utter bad ass that was the Chong Li character, and the ridiculous nature of the characters “hunting” Frank Dux throughout Hong Kong and Asia.

I must also say a hilarious part discussing the training of Frank Dux in the backyard of the Tanaka character and Tanaka’s neighbors must have thought some real ridiculousness was taking place. I’d watch the theoretical film that Jason proposes during this portion.

Then there’s the discussion of the “Bloodsport” sequels that, well, I’ll just let you experience that for yourself. Trust me.

There’s a lot of great stuff going on in this episode and, if you grew up watching “Bloodsport” like I did and realizing how Johnny Cage from Mortal Kombat was a complete carbon copy of Frank Dux, you’ll really enjoy this episode.

If you didn’t, still give it a listen because this is just a fantastic listen.


You can check out the episode by visiting “Blood Sport: How Did This Get Made?”.

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