The Weekend Agenda: 3/11/16 – 3/13/16

It’s Friday on “Live and Groove” so that means it’s time for me to regale you with my exciting and earth shattering plans for the weekend. I know this is a high point for all of you so let’s go ahead and jump right into the excitement!

Friday, March 11th, 2016

My plans for tonight are to check out two things, and, luckily, they are both in the Avondale community of Birmingham. The first is to visit the newest addition to the food scene in Avondale, “Fancy’s on 5th”. When I say new, I mean they opened just a couple of days ago.

Fancy's on 5th Weekend Agenda

(The logo for “Fancy’s on 5th” features a fantastic octopus design.)

The concept of the place is that it’s an oyster bar along with being a burger restaurant so there’s a land and sea motif present. The restaurant is also the brainchild of the fantastic team behind Melt, which just happens to be my favorite spot to eat in Birmingham.

Naturally, I have high expectations for this place and, by the looks of early reviews, they should easily be met. I’m also a big fan of the octopus logo they’re using because, well, more places need to use an octopus as their logo. You can check out more about “Fancy’s on 5th” by visiting¬†

T. Hardy Morris Weekend Agenda

(Good People Brewing hosts a night of music, including T. Hardy Morris and The Hardknocks, at Saturn Birmingham.)

When I finish eating at Fancy’s, I plan on walking down the street to Saturn where I’ll be photographing the performance by T. Hardy Morris and The Hardknocks. It’s part of a free show sponsored by Good People Brewing and also features Water Liars and Looksy on the bill. You can check out more about the show by visiting¬†

Saturday, March 12th, 2016

Ra Ra Riot I Need Your Light

(Ra Ra Riot performs at Saturn Birmingham in Birmingham, Alabama on Saturday, March 12th, 2016.)

I’ll be spending a lot of time in Avondale this weekend because I’m going to be back at Saturn on Saturday night to photograph the show by Ra Ra Riot. Fans of the site will remember that I recently reviewed their latest album, and you can check that out by visiting before you go to the show. More information about the show can be found by visiting¬†

Once the show gets done, I plan on watching WWE’s “Road Block” event, which is serving as a hype special in advance of this year’s Wrestlemania. I’ll probably fall asleep watching it since the Ra Ra Riot show and editing will end very late but, hey, it’s a Saturday so I can’t really complain.

Sunday, March 13th, 2016

I have zero on the agenda for Sunday, outside of promoting the Ra Ra Riot photos, which is always good. That being said, though, I might end up going to the movies that afternoon to check out “10 Cloverfield Lane”. If not, I’ll probably catch up on some movies at home. Regardless, it’ll be an uneventful day.

That’s the weekend for me. Did I miss something I should be aware of to the point of checking it out? If so, send it my way!

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