“Teen Witch” on HDTGM: Live and Groove’s Podcast Reviews

I know it’s been pretty slow here at Live and Groove so I wanted to go ahead and get something up this week, especially since I didn’t even have a “Movies that were new to me” post to do on Monday. That being said, I wanted to take a look at the latest episode of one of my favorite podcasts, “How Did This Get Made?“, and their examination of the 1989 film “Teen Witch”.

Teen Witch How Did This Get Made

(“Teen Witch” is the latest film to get a critical examination by “How Did This Get Made?”)

The regular cast of Paul, June, and Jason are joined by Deanna Chang, who comes from the “OMFG!” podcast, to discuss this piece of cinematic art. Chang, it should be noted, is also June’s sister and the two sound practically identical. One of the highlights of the episode is the two of them recounting tales of growing up in the late 1980’s in relation to what’s presented in the film.

I must say I’ve never even seen “Teen Witch”. I knew such a film existed, but I couldn’t tell you anything past that. It’s no surprise it was an attempted rehash of the “Teen Wolf” formula because, well, that’s Hollywood for you.

A running joke throughout the episode involves calling the main character of the film, Louise, “Louis Guzman”, which, surprisingly, maintains its legs as a joke.

The episode is pretty standard for an in studio “How Did This Get Made?“. There are funny bits and pieces throughout, especially in regards to cultural aspects of the late 80’s, which will always be a comedic goldmine. Jason talking about break dance battles in high school was a delight. The breakaway discussion about “Pretty in Pink”, “Some Kind of Wonderful”, and how Ducky got hosed was also a definite favorite of mine.

The ending portion of the podcast also has a hilarious bit with the hosts discussing what it’ll be like when high school kids in today’s society grow up and become middle aged, especially in regards to the number of tattoos they possess. Definitely stick around for that part.

All in all, it was a good episode but it didn’t knock my socks off. Granted, just a good episode of “How Did This Get Made?” is still better than the best efforts of most podcasts out there.

You can check out the episode by visiting “Teen Witch: How Did This Get Made?“.

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