“The Office” gets a look at on the latest episode of TV Life

Season 2 of TV Life keeps trucking along as the newest episode features a road trip to Scranton, Pennsylvania to visit the people that make up Dunder Miflin… that’s right… it’s the TV Life of “The Office”!

The Office

(“The Office” is the subject of the latest episode of “TV Life”)

I’m joined in this episode by Nery Saenz, a comedian friend who lives in south Florida. Nery has been a fan of “The Super Rich Kids” since the days of Mount Rushfour so it was fun to get him involved in this particular podcast series. You can check him out at http://www.nerysaenz.com/.

We had a great time breaking down the pilot of “The Office”, which remains a mixed bag, along with breaking down how great the series finally really was. We try to give as much attention to as many of the characters as possible while also highlighting the key emotional moments in the episodes.

Nery also adds why he loves “The Office” and how he came into being a fan of the show when it was really late in its original run. I was the opposite. I watched the show religiously in its early run but trailed off in the later seasons.

If you’re a fan of “The Office”, you should enjoy this episode or at least enjoy yelling at us when we made a mistake about some trivial fact. I know there are a few in the episode. Do be aware, however, of some audio issues in this one. Granted, it’s a free podcast so your complaints really won’t matter. Just thought I’d through that out there for you.

You can check out the episode by visiting “TV LIFE SEASON 2 – EPISODE 2: THE OFFICE”. I also encourage you to check out the rest of “The Super Rich Kids Podcast Network“, including the “What’s Good?” podcast and the archives for “Mount Rushfour“. Be sure to subscribe and all that jazz.

I’m still booking guests for season 2 so, if you have a favorite TV show you’d like to discuss, let me know!

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