Josh Brolin on The Nerdist: Live and Groove’s Podcast Reviews

It seems like I’m putting up a lot of photos of Josh Brolin on this site right now but, when you are starring in a major film by the Coen Brothers, that tends to happen. I’m not here to talk about “Hail, Caesar!” today, though. I’m here to give my thoughts on the episode of “The Nerdist” with Brolin.

Josh Brolin The Nerdist

(Josh Brolin was a delightful guest on the most recent episode of “The Nerdist”.)

Based on his previous work, some might not think Brolin would be a bucket of laughs. He is known for playing a cadre of rough and rugged characters. His stop on “The Nerdist“, though, extinguishes those apprehensions. He was an absolute delight as a guest and meshed well with Chris Hardwick and Jonah Ray.

The episode has a bunch of a great anecdotes from Brolin about his caree and previous films, including how he has a certain prop from “The Goonies” and his legal issues doing the film “W.” in Baton Rouge. Brolin also seemed to have a lot of fun talking about working with the Coen Brothers on “Hail, Caesar” and “No Country for Old Men”, and, generally, just getting a chance to be relaxed in an interview setting.

I think he came to the recording expecting it to be another typical media appearance but then realized it was far more informal than usual. When guests come to that realization, the episodes tend to be far better. This was definitely the case with Brolin’s episode. His sense of humor and openness about things reminded me a lot of the episode with Michael Shannon, which took place a couple months ago and was absolutely hilarious.

The episode was a fun listen that ranged about 90 minutes and one that I’ll probably go back to in the future. I’d definitely recommend it. Will you like it? Well, you’ll have to decide for yourself. You can do that by checking out the episode at

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