“Gilmore Girls” kicks off season 2 of TV Life!

Gilmore Girls TV Life Podcast

(The closing shot of the pilot episode of “Gilmore Girls)

Fans of podcasts locally produced by the author of this website rejoice! TV Life season 2 is here with an episode about “Gilmore Girls” to kick things off!

I recently interviewed Whitney Mitchell, a good friend in the Birmingham area and die-hard fan of the show, about her love of “Gilmore Girls” and mine as well. I watched the first few seasons of this show religiously in college as I was hooked on the writing and the setting of Stars Hollow, Connecticut. It was such a breath of fresh air when it was on in the early 2000’s. While I drifted away in the later seasons, it was nice to revisit things with Whitney.

For those unfamiliar with the concept of “TV Life” and, if you are, go ahead and visit the website after reading all this – http://thesuperrichkids.podbean.com/category/tv-life/ – the podcast involves myself interviewing a guest about a favorite show of theirs that played a big part in their life. We examine the show by looking at the pilot episode and the finale episode to see how things changed over the course of the series.

Basically, we examine the life of the show and how the show impacted the life of the guest. It’s not hard to figure out where I got the “TV Life” name from, is it?

It’s a project I’m really proud of doing, and it’s great to hear friends of mine talk about the love of their favorite TV shows. Sometimes those shows are favorites of mine, sometimes they aren’t, and that mixture adds to the depth of the podcast.

Anyways, back to “Gilmore Girls”, Whitney and I go over how great the pilot is in nailing the central concepts of the show while also discussing our disappointment with the finale. Thankfully, the finale will no longer be the finale as the show is being revived on Netflix for 4 90 minute episodes. We talk about that as well!

If this all interests you, even if that interest is to see how bad an interviewer I can be, check out the episode at http://thesuperrichkids.podbean.com/e/tv-life-ep-201-gilmore-girls/. I also encourage you to check out the rest of “The Super Rich Kids Podcast Network“, including the “What’s Good?” podcast and the archives for “Mount Rushfour“. Be sure to subscribe and all that jazz.

Let me know if you’d like to be a guest in the future. I’m booking season 2 so there are spots still open.

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