What is “Live and Groove”?

Live and Groove by David A. Smith of the Birmingham, Alabama area

(I promise to keep the photos of me to a minimum)

Live and Groove is the personal blog and playground of David A. Smith. You might know me from DSmithImages, my wedding and portrait photography site, and DSmithScenes, my concert and cultural event photography site.

What? You aren’t familiar with both of those sites?

Well, take a few moments to visit them. I would appreciate the traffic.

[Waits a few moments for you to visit both sites…]

Since those sites have a strict and narrow mission, I wanted to create an outlet where I can give my personal take on a variety of things. Those things, which I enjoy quite a bit, are films, television, books, music, and professional wrestling, although I’m pretty sure I’m going to leave that topic off the site for now. I also enjoy several podcasts about those various topics.

Yes, you guessed it, this another general lifestyle blog from a 30 something that tends to skew towards the nerdy side of the spectrum. It’s 2016. We’re way past blogs having an original concept or theme.

Like a lot of things, I have no apologies for that. None. Zero. Zilch. M

Anyways, this site will be heavy on reviews of things I see, do, and experience based on those topics above. The bulk will be based on first time experiences but, hey, it’s my site so I’ll throw in reviews of well experienced things from time to time. The general idea for this site developed in something I started doing last year where I logged all the new films and television shows I saw, the new music and podcasts I listened to, and the new books I read. I continued the project at the start of 2016 and, if I had been on the ball, I would have launched with the start of the new year, but I’ll settle with the launch coming a month later.

I hope you enjoy the site, the content I bring you, and the name. I came up with a whole list of ideas, but I knew I wanted to focus on the concept of living and experiencing. I also wanted to focus on having a good time while doing it. That’s how I decided on using “Live and Groove”. One day I’ll probably list the other names just to see how many groans and laughs I get from them.

Take care and stick around for a while. If, for whatever reason, you need to get in touch, my email is david@dsmithimages.com.


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