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Alright… I’m jumping right into things here on “Live and Groove” with my first review and recap of new media experienced. I usually start my day by listening to a podcast while I go through my morning checklist. One podcast that is one my rotation is Marc Maron’s “WTF“. I don’t listen to it all the time as, well, I’m just not into a lot of the guests he tends to get, but I will immediately turn on any episode that involves the history of the Comedy Store.

Mike Binder

(Mike Binder made for a good WTF guest due to his “back in the day” Comedy Store tales)

The episode on February 1st did just that as Mike Binder was the guest. Binder was a pretty informative guest as he had a lot of good Comedy Store bits, especially detailing his relationship with Jay Leno and how the infamous “Comedy Strike” strained it, along with talking about his career as a film director and producer. Like with any tale of the Comedy Store, there’s a pretty good Mitzy Shore impression in there as well.

Binder’s laid back nature provided for a very easy listen, which was quite helpful since I was in the middle of a very busy Monday morning. He did have a wild story about how a project of his was going to launch, well, on September 11th, 2001. Binder was literally on the air with “Good Morning America” when everything was starting to happen so that was definitely an interesting part of the interview.

Give it a listen if you like tales from the sordid days of the Comedy Store along with Maron recounting his days as a doorman in the generation after the literal high days of the 1970’s. The link is up at http://www.wtfpod.com/podcast/episodes/episode_677_-_mike_binder.

I couldn’t think of a more clever name for my coverage of podcast episodes so I’m going to stick with “Live and Groove’s Podcast Reviews”. Frankly, I think that’ll be used across the board based on the rhyming nature. So that’s that.


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